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Engineer Internship : Indoor visual positioning


Who we are? Inria is the French national research institute dedicated to digital science and technology. World-class research, technological innovation and entrepreneurial risk are its DNA. Its 215 agile project-teams, usually joint with academic partners, involve more than 3,900 scientists in tackling digital challenges, often at the interface with other disciplines. Inria is a public research institute that draws on a wealth of talent in more than forty different professions. It also has 900 research and innovation support staff who help to develop and grow scientific and entrepreneurial projects that have an impact on the world. The Centre Inria de l’Université de Grenoble groups together almost 600 people in 22 research teams and 7 research support departments. Staff is present on three campuses in Grenoble, in close collaboration with other research and higher education institutions (Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, CEA, INRAE, …), but also with key economic players in the area. The Centre Inria de l’Université Grenoble Alpe is active in the fields of high-performance computing, verification and embedded systems, modeling of the environment at multiple levels, and data science and artificial intelligence. The center is a top-level scientific institute with an extensive network of international collaborations in Europe and the rest of the world. Context: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) such as the GPS, offer a positioning service to a great number of applications. However, GNSS are limited to spaces where the sky is free from occlusions. Spaces such as underground or multi-level parkings are not covered by these systems and require other types of sensors for localisation and navigation. Assignment: We are seeking a highly motivated and talented intern to join Inria’s Experimentation and Development Service (SED). This internship will focus exclusively on the localisation and positioning aspect of autonomous vehicle technology, specifically for navigating vehicles from a parking entrance to a designated parking place within a mapped indoor environment. While the vehicle navigation system is not within the scope of this internship, your work will be crucial in ensuring the vehicle's precise location within this complex indoor environment. To achieve this goal, you will: • study the state of the art in indoor navigation and mapping (visual SLAM, landmark detection, camera pose estimation, optimisation) • Test a selected set of algorithms in a simulated environment. Main activities: • Collaborate with the SED and the Chroma research engineers to develop and enhance computer-vision based algorithms for precise vehicle localisation within a pre-mapped indoor environment. • Work on real-time data processing and sensor fusion techniques to optimize positioning accuracy. • Implement and fine-tune computer vision and machine learning models for robust vehicle positioning, even in cluttered environments with other vehicles and obstacles. • Conduct experiments and tests in a simulated environment to validate the accuracy and reliability of the positioning system. • Analyze and interpret data to identify areas for improvement and propose innovative solutions. Profile and Skills: • Currently pursuing a M1or master's (M2) degree in computer science, electrical engineering, robotics, or a related field. • Good programming skills in Python, C++ or similar • Familiarity with computer vision, machine learning, and sensor fusion concepts. • Solid understanding of mathematics, especially linear algebra and statistics. • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work both independently and in a collaborative team environment. • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Are you inspired by working in a dynamic, multicultural environment? Are you interested in contributing to the development of a research centre in the field of IT and digital technology? Then come and join us! You'll be working in a friendly, motivated team in a pleasant environment. What we can offer you: - A dynamic, cutting-edge research ecosystem with an international workforce - Subsidised catering and partial reimbursement of public transport costs - Professional equipment available (videoconferencing, loan of computer equipment, etc.) - Gratification = 4,35€ gross / hour - Social, cultural and sports events and activities - Access to professional training - A diversity policy with an institute committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities, gender equality and equal opportunities. Find all our offers on




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